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  • Toothbrush requests husband puts on a different head.
  • Bartender calls a cab for tooth who's had one too many novocaine shots.
  • Sabertooth tigers have an argument because they're bad kissers.
  • A praying mantis' dentist accuses her of not flossing and says he can still see some of her first husband in her teeth.
  • Paul Revere warns everyone about the British, but the dentist is excited because their teeth are bad.
  • A dog offers another dog a bone to show him that his job has dental benefits.
  • Mixed grill comes from farm animals with tooth jewelry.
  • A dentist runs out of laughing gas and has to give his patient laughing solids.
  • Man with four eyes goes to get extra wisdom eyes removed.
  • Laughing gas takes effect on patient as she texts LOL.
  • Floss is stubbly with hair because it is unwaxed.

You searched for: dental