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  • Lazy people have lots of excuses for not working out at spin class.
  • Crumbs in beard leave evidence of who ate the pie.
  • Octopus denies tentacles are extensions.

  • Oscar the Grouch goes to therapy for being a hoarder.
  • Cat claims he is performing autopsy on eaten fish he found dead on floor.
  • Man asks Grim Reaper if he can add minutes onto to his life through phone.
  • A muscular vampire's friends stage an intervention for him because he keeps drinking the blood of athletes who use steroids.
  • Secret agent tells unicorn that if anything goes wrong on the mission, they will deny he exists.
  • A teenager programs a Back To School chip in the TV that blocks all of the Back To School advertisements.
  • Scientist testifying in court denies cloning reality tv to lawyer and judge.
  • A dog eats the Thanksgiving turkey and pretends not to know anything.
  • A demon's access to heaven online is denied.

You searched for: denial