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  • Student stares at phone to demonstrate to class what she did all summer.

  • A professor sneezes, blowing his equations across the blackboard.
  • A snowman impersonates Carrot Top in charades by putting his nose on top of his head.
  • A balding man is offered nose hair transplants.
  • Lice occupy Wally's receding hairline as if it's Occupy Wall Street.
  • A mattress company's manager thinks his employee is demonstrating the lack of motion transfer when he sees him drinking on a mattress.
  • Husband uses software to show how salesman will look if he doesn't' stop flirting with wife.
  • Big bad wolf buys Gizmo Electric Huffer and Puffer off an infomercial.
  • A vacuum salesman accidentally sucks up a woman's cat while giving a demonstration.
  • Man tells friend that snakes feeling slimy is a myth, not seeing that snake swallowed friend, and friend thinks snakes feel slimy from the inside.
  • Myron sitting at bar with tough-looking man with large nose, Myron explaining curveball, wants to demonstrate, implying he is about to grab man's large nose.

You searched for: demonstration