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  • Tarzan orders banana monkey delivery with cellphone food delivering ape app.
  • Santa is annoyed to find note from cable company service technician that they missed him on the one day that he’s out.
  • Exercising Santa lifts present sack weights to prep for delivering toys on Christmas Eve.
  • Woman ordering last minute Christmas presents online can choose overnight sleigh as shipping method.
  • While the wiener mobile is a marketing success, the haggis mobile was a marketing failure.

  • Stork is out of work because drones now deliver babies.
  • Santa gets drones to deliver Christmas presents, but they don't work very well.
  • The bluebird of hoppiness delivers IPA beer.
  • New parents receive their son as an adult because the stork outsourced its job to a sloth.
  • A man uses a woman's playlist as a grocery shopping list.

You searched for: delivering