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  • Smartphone tells date they want to remember this moment but will need to delete another first.
  • Woman accidentally sends nasty response email to boss instead of deleting it.
  • Every morning Dr. Jekyll has to delete Mr. Hyde’s negative social media activity from the night before.
  • Dog exhibits tech behaviors, like following, emptying trash, searching, and deleting spam.

  • A vampire goes on dating websites and refuses to date anyone with a thick skin.
  • A girl doesn't bring her photo ID to Santa, so he takes her off the Nice list.
  • Alien's use Photoshop to remove themselves from pictures taken on Earth.
  • Voice mail system that doesn't actually erase your messages.
  • Modern sympathy cards for your computer problems.
  • A computer is confused that a man installs Java and then deletes it by drinking coffee and then using the bathroom.
  • A computer eats a man's files because he put them on the menu.
  • Woman busily typing on a computer accidentally deletes a file, and she reacts with anger by chopping the computer with an ax.

You searched for: delete