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  • Sad snowman reads newspaper obituaries of snowmen that melted on a beautiful sunny day.
  • Cat fills out bucket lists for nine lives.
  • A Beatles album parody of Beetle Bailey’s comic progression through life and war.
  • Grim Reaper tells diner to say when as he's salting his food from hourglass.

  • Crow admits to being involved in murder because he is social.
  • Man asks Grim Reaper if he can add minutes onto to his life through phone.
  • Distracted lemming does not follow crowd over the cliff.
  • Rubber band men get confused with chalk outlines when they spill out onto the road.
  • Zombies ask for death certificate as proof of zombie candidate's death.
  • Not crying at the drop of a hat gets hat arrested.
  • Babysitter tells child his parents are in a better place restaurant.
  • Angels sit in heaven watching the alternate endings to their lives.

You searched for: deaths