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  • Cats exhibit tech behaviors of push notifications, inbox, outbox, and groupon.

  • A man lobbies a politician to finance more foyers.
  • A man buys something from a Buy One Get One sale and wonders why it seemed like a bargain.
  • Jeweler gives Cupid money to shoot two lovers admiring jewelry.
  • Cat will pee on rug if given dry food.
  • Snail fixes up his shell and sells it for a profit as a successful flip.
  • Jack trades baskeball player cow for a sack of beans.
  • Woman concerned at wisdom of lighting irregular fireworks.
  • Vowel tries to sell self to consonant on street corner.
  • A beach concession clerk is offended by the overweight customer in a Speedo bathing suit.
  • A sports star gets an endorsement deal with Ace Bandage company.
  • A cat and dog play poker to see who gets to knock over a vase.

You searched for: deal