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  • Bats need to remember losing darkness during daylight savings.
  • Dad clock tells boy if he dates daughter, his hands are not springing forward.
  • Vampires are up all night and lose an hour of awake time with daylight savings.
  • Mother calls tech support to adjust her baby and pets' internal clocks, which don't recognize daylight savings.
  • Husband in hospital is diagnosed by doctor not to induce daylight saving until wife is done cooking.
  • The early days of daylight savings is pictured as a knight adding sand to an hourglass.
  • Daylight plays poker with its savings, and loses the bet.
  • The candle from Beauty and the Beast burns the clock's butt.
  • A man changes the sign for his 24 hour mart for daylight savings.
  • Five o'clock shadow has trouble with daylight savings time.
  • Monsters are sad about Daylight Savings because there's less sleep for them to invade.
  • A cat goes into shock after hearing about Daylight Savings Time.

You searched for: daylight savings time