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  • Dad reassures Billy that there aren't any monsters in closet, but there are other scary things.

  • Bread allows one more game of peak-a-boo in toaster before getting burned.
  • Stormtrooper complains that the other villains took all the dark meat.
  • Charlie Brown becomes a Goth and wants to be called Charlie Black.
  • The creature from the black lagoon takes selfies and they turn out completely black.
  • A man gets contact lenses that darken in the sunlight.
  • A man in a seedy part of town gets nervous when his phone says he has a new follower.
  • Characters from famous paintings go through the Tunnel of Louvre.
  • A fish eats an anglerfish's glowing lure.
  • Darth Vader gets a darksaber instead of a lightsaber.
  • Monsters go to the gym to stay small enough to fit under people's beds.
  • Darth Vader goes to a restaurant called The Dockside instead of going to the Dark Side.

You searched for: dark