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  • Woman who does have caffeine at home mistakes salt for sugar when making coffee at work.
  • Man lands in hospital after mistaking poison for fancy microbrew.
  • A lumberjack cuts a tree down and it lands on his friend, but it's okay because it was a balsa wood tree.
  • A man thinks that his mosquito net is working, but then realizes it's a spider web.
  • A man gets bitten by a dog, but it's a vampire dog.

  • A man in the 70s types while driving.
  • A crash test dummy watches a TV show called Braking Bad.
  • Holes in wiffle bowls make them ineffective.
  • Oblivious man walking under ladder doesn't realize crowd is warning him about fire.
  • Cat claims he is performing autopsy on eaten fish he found dead on floor.
  • Soldiers are dizzy coming out of rocking Trojan horse.

You searched for: dangers