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  • Swiss lobster has various tools for claws and legs.

  • Ungrateful, grumpy crab dolls snap at you all day long.
  • Anteaters open a lobster restaurant and no one comes.
  • A crab breaks its phone in half because it's texting angry.
  • A hermit crab sharing his shell with a girl crab rethinks being a hermit.
  • Crab's therapist advises to move forward even though crabs move sideways.
  • Boy's missing crab at beach burrows somewhere in dad's bathing suit.
  • Crab father unintentionally buys crab cakes for child crab's birthday.
  • Hermit crabs use tortoise shell as condominium.
  • A hermit crab is surprised that her husband took her to a shell-less beach.
  • A hermit crab tries to take the shell being used by another hermit crab.
  • A hermit crab steals a snail's shell.

You searched for: crustacean