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You searched for: crushes

  • Man on deserted island with woman hopes she’ll swipe right on Tinder online dating app.
  • Romantic octopus with all legs and arms cut off is sad she loves him not.
  • Pinata’s smartphone asks if it would like to play Candy Crush video game as stick sneaks behind to attack.
  • Godzilla parent tells monster child not to come into the house until it wipes squished people from the beach off feet.
  • Squashed slice of bread tells other slices how it was injured by supermarket grocery bagboy with quart of milk.
  • Man in crowd running from Zilla smashing city laughs at stomp me sign on man’s back.
  • Man climbs tipping bookshelves to reach book titled The Man Who Was Crushed By Books.
  • Woman is shocked by pile of books on top of man but it’s just bookstore’s new horror display.
  • Researcher tests effectiveness of crush with crash test dummy.

  • A nerd in a library is a girl's brain throb.
  • Doctor's can't get a woman's heart to start, so they show her a poster of a heartthrob.
  • Dress rejects velvet shirt who is crushed.

You searched for: crushes