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  • Dog’s cold nose tells veterinarian checking temperature she will die alone.
  • Woman in elevator pushes button to close doors just before running man reaches it.
  • Bully sun criticizes sunbathing man on beach’s SPF saggy pasty flesh in sun burn insult.
  • Man pranks deserted island castaway with don’t help sign April Fool’s Day joke as rescue plane flies by.
  • Cat fools startled dog with impression of car tires pulling into driveway sound.
  • Woman gardening has second thoughts about mean shade plant flowers criticizing her clothes.
  • Parents think son was nice to help little brother with snowman but its scary shadow is keeping him awake.
  • Computer warns man before he posts hateful content online.
  • Cat woefully laments to diary how glass keeps him from fish and birds.

  • PETA sends Medusa a warning for wearing her ponytails too tight.
  • At dog restaurants, it's hard to get the food from the waiters.
  • Snapping turtles yell at each other.

You searched for: cruel