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  • Sheep is shocked to find wolf in her closet trying on her clothes.

  • A monster dresses up in a woman's clothes because he got bored hiding in her closet.
  • Minnie mouse catches Mickey Mouse crossdressing in her mini-skirt.
  • Frosty the Snowman has to wear a hat to come to life, but his friend Louie has to wear a bra to come to life.
  • Banker wants to discuss financial balance, not man's ability to balance.
  • Tootsie Troll lipstick for crossdressing goblins parodies Tootsie Roll candy.
  • Ted thought he was asked to bring his stripper pole, not his striper fishing pole.
  • Ms. PacMan discovers PacMan wearing her bows when she comes home.
  • Father bear brings home fool's goldilocks by accident.
  • The secret like of SpongeBob Squareskirt.
  • Odd McDonald puts all of his animals in muumuus.
  • A snake discovers her husband's secret life as a garter snake.

You searched for: crossdressing