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You searched for: creature from the black lagoon

  • Invisible when flashes click, Dracula better tag himself in photo to prove he's in it.

  • Friends laugh at Frankenstein having to wear the cone of shame.

  • Man eat donut holes, creature eats pie holes.

  • Parents come to parents' night at a school and a monster looks at his kid's webbed hand turkey.
  • Monsters watch a horror movie called Creature From The Black Hot Tub.
  • The Pink Panther arrives at a St. Patrick's Day party where all the guests are green.
  • Murky Way candy parodies Milky Way candy.
  • The creature from the green lagoon reminds a woman to recycle.
  • Songs that witch, frankenstein, swamp creature, and werewolf listen to.
  • Man finds creature in his black legumes.
  • Monster umpire must look up if run counts if only a foot crosses home plate.

You searched for: creature from the black lagoon