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  • God creates Bart Simpson by using pinking shears to cut his hair.

  • Wine bottle is excited when red wine comes to life and is breathing.

  • Frankenstein sneezes off bolts into igor and creator's eyes.
  • God's creation of beg bugs posts gets less likes than his creation of pandas and cats.
  • A new wind turbine designed like a mime acts like it's windy even when it isn't.
  • God's dog drools all over the Earth, making its surface 70% water.
  • The mad scientist has other emotions: annoyed, giddy, and confused.
  • Adam makes ribs for dinner and Eve is offended.
  • Adam reminds God that he can use his 23 other ribs to create more women.
  • Adam informs Eve salad she is eating is actually his dirty laundry.
  • A mad scientist cat gives a Frankenstein cat a tenth life.

You searched for: creation