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  • Researcher tests painful internet haircutting laptop scissor arm invention rough drafts.
  • Mad celebrity on cellphone at dinner ironically criticizes bad reviews online then says roast chicken is dried out.
  • Mad scientist works from home making Frankenstien monster friend.
  • Witch asks dog with pile of squeaky pet toys, balls and bones if has her wand.
  • Cheese goes in restroom to urinate, making Cheese Whiz.
  • Boy sees the line for Etch-A-Sketch museum draws the architecture of the building’s facade.
  • Protesting stick figures disagree on pencil or marker creator god.
  • Stick figure doodle says creator demands a sacrifice as pencil erases another stick figure.
  • God creates Bart Simpson by using pinking shears to cut his hair.

  • Wine bottle is excited when red wine comes to life and is breathing.

  • God's creation of beg bugs posts gets less likes than his creation of pandas and cats.
  • Dog thinks by pooping outside he is creating jobs for people.

You searched for: creating