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  • Bug & human researchers watch crash test dummies about to splatter hitting car window.
  • Researcher tests effectiveness of crush with crash test dummy.

  • A crash test dummy warns a man against buying a self-driving car.
  • Crash test dummies' GPS says they'll arrive in 2 seconds.
  • A crash test dummy watches a TV show called Braking Bad.
  • Songs Stewie, Flanders, Leela, and Kenny are listening to.
  • Crash test dummy dog has accident at crash test dummies' home.
  • A crash test dummy husband refuses to ask for directions and crashes into the wrong place.
  • A boy gets a tattoo of the 'danger' symbol, then can't get the car keys from his father.
  • A crash test dummy meeting ends with hitting the bricks.
  • Crash test dogs are used to test the side mirror air bags in a collision.

You searched for: crash test dummies