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  • Zen cats want to know what the sound of a hairless cat coughing up a hairball is.
  • Shirtless Matthew McConaughey confused about coughing into sleeves for the flu season.
  • An angel cat adjusts to feather hairballs in heaven from grooming.
  • The Philip Morris website is a major location for hackers.
  • Virtual computer doctor never caught on because of hernia testicle cough test.
  • Chewbacca buys hairball remedy at the pharmacy.
  • The Green Giant's doctor prescribes an herbal remedy to cure his cough: eating a piece of his uncle.
  • Nature's critical mass overloads include a skunk wearing cheap perfume and a hyena on laughing gas.
  • A cat hacks up a hairball after dinner to make room for dessert.
  • Man with a cold is disappointed because there is a note on bottle of cough syrup that says the active ingredient has gone surfing.

You searched for: coughing