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You searched for: copyright infringement
  • File sharing compilations include mislabeled, with random blip noises, and to the beat of a judge's gavel.
  • Parrot sees judge again in courtroom about plagiarism case.
  • A mother says her son could be a pirate for Halloween, when he is already a pirate on the computer.
  • Now! That's What I Call File Sharing' is a competitor to music companies.
  • A consumer and an executive wish for different kinds of CD burners.
  • The red hat society sends Santa a cease and desist.
  • Snoopy sues Snoop Dogg for infringement.
  • A Jack-o-lantern thinks Michael Jackson is infringing on its rights.
  • The author updates nursery rhymes for the modern era.
  • The illegal downloading of William Shatner material is punishment enough.
  • The Big Bad Wolf brings J.K. Rowling to court on trademark infringement.
  • Santa sues the Jolly Green Giant for ripping off his catchphrase.

You searched for: copyright infringement