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  • Grocery shopper witch sees supermarket shelves of fairytale parody baking mixes.
  • Burned, lumpy and misshaped pancakes talk in first pancake support group.
  • Cat psychologist suggests hot bath with peas and carrots for stressed bird therapy patient.
  • Anteater girl has Easy-Bake Oven parody magnifying glass game to cook ants at sunny anthill outside.
  • All the King’s men eat cake baked with Humpty Dumpty egg at funeral.
  • Turkey fortuneteller predicts turkey will have a best-seller but it’s really a cookbook.
  • Cavemen wait for fire to be discovered before they can use grill.
  • Man can keep to his diet when he has to cook food that fits on small grill.
  • Kiss the Cook apron quickly escalated to sex in bed.
  • Humpty Dumpty called for an egg fixer and got a chef instead.
  • Mom edits alphabet soup for son by taking out all the Fs.

  • Snake falls in love with similar looking grilled hot dog

You searched for: cooking