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  • Assembly line needs to reject Ford Focus because it is out of focus.
  • Hank Ferguson the builder constructs a fence around fencing opponent.
  • God reprimands Noah for building cubicles on ark, not cubits.

  • Cat operating bulldozer is best at knocking things over.
  • Alien boss wants to know what interviewee has built recently other than pyramids.
  • As Humpty Dumpty builds a wall with Legos, his parents worry it was a bad gift.
  • A lazy Lego husband buys his wife a bunch of Lego blocks and tells her she can decide for herself what she wants to make out of them.
  • A carpenter asks his employees to raise the roof and they dance instead of doing construction.
  • Woman uses surplus zucchini in recipes and builds a shed out of it.
  • Woman thought snowman would be muscular when he said he was built.
  • Builders mistakenly build Trojan Man instead of Trojan Horse.

You searched for: construct