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  • Hot dog, catsup, burger and mustard all feel they’ve made a terrible mistake with who they’re dating.
  • Witch's conjured grape jelly parodies Welsh's concord grape jelly.

  • Salt likes to shake hands, but ketchup prefers fist bumps.
  • Woman worries about mustard stain while flock of birds threaten worse from above.
  • Cartoonist takes Father's Day off much like Bill Keane.
  • A bottle of ketchup brings its owner to the psychiatrist to stop him from smacking his bottom.
  • Humpty Dumpty is brought to the Mayo Clinic after his fall.
  • A vulcan dad tells his kid not to be scared because the green blood in the movie is guacamole instead of real blood.
  • A jar of mustard eats a burrito.
  • A fish's tartar toothpaste isn't working.
  • Fish surgeon doctor wants to save the patient in hospital, but doesn't want to be wasteful, so he tells colleague to go get tartar sauce, just in case.

You searched for: condiments