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  • After half being eaten by bird, worm gets asked if she's lost weight.

  • A pirate asks who made the sausage and another pirate with a hook says he had a hand in it.
  • Medusa is jealous of her friend's color-changing chameleon hair.
  • Ticks are excited to have a shindig on a man's shin.
  • Actor plays fish-out-of-water role by playing dead.
  • Mockingbird gives out compliments instead of mocking people.
  • A dog flatters a person with a saliva lick.
  • Zoo worker tells woman her husband was eaten by alligators, and she reacts with shock, but pleased because she will look good dressed in black.
  • Juanita stares unhappily down at her plate of sweet and sour shrimp as it shouts both compliments and insults at her.
  • One woman compliments another's hip dress, while the woman wonders if she should confess that the pattern is actually spilled punch.

You searched for: complimentary