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  • Football player wonders why other player continues to block him on his phone even though game is over.
  • Players gather to compete in the World Series of Dreidel as if it were a poker championship.
  • Chopped host Ted Allen is turkey's anti-hero.

  • Cats play chess by batting the pieces off the board.
  • Witches go on cooking shows where they make potions.
  • A man does armpit farts at the god of thunder tryouts.
  • Dogs on cooking shows can't judge effectively because they ate too fast to taste the dishes.
  • A cat and a dog knock out a referee in a fight to see whose breath is worse.
  • Husband blames caption contest cartoon for words that came out of mouth.
  • Lord Stanley's dining utensils all resemble hockey's Stanley Cup.
  • Tortoise buys tranquilizer darts to ensure win in race against the hare.
  • Two dance a ritual to compete for the last available outlet for computer in coffee shop.

You searched for: competitions