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  • Angels playing baseball wonder if a ball caught in halo counts as out.
  • Dog needs break from basketball because trashtalk is making him hungry.
  • Regular size vehicles outmatched by stretch limos on the basketball court.
  • Hard serve ice cream is annoyed at soft serve partner for poor tennis playing.
  • Boy sells lemonade and mosquito sells his blood.
  • Baseball player has trouble understanding coach's new emoticon signals.
  • People distractedly looking at their phones fall into holes kids dig on the beach.
  • Football player wonders why other player continues to block him on his phone even though game is over.
  • Players gather to compete in the World Series of Dreidel as if it were a poker championship.
  • Chopped host Ted Allen is turkey's anti-hero.

  • Olympic sport of exchanging insults has competitor ridiculing uniform.

  • Hank Ferguson the builder constructs a fence around fencing opponent.

You searched for: compete