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  • Pizza and pineapple couple sneak around because people don't think pineapple should go on pizza.

  • A spork runs marital counseling between a fork and a spoon.
  • A school eliminates recess and puts spin machines on their desks to compensate.
  • A man orders the combination plate at a restaurant, and it comes locked with a combination lock.
  • Field hockey is successful but not ice baseball.
  • Contractors build the three little pigs a house of straw, sticks, and bricks.
  • Dog owner says her dog is a mix and man sees mixer.
  • Woman walking a dog that looks like a quick drawing explains the breed is a labradoodle.
  • A combination menorah-dreidel product is dangerous marketing failure.
  • Interleague play combines baseball and hockey leagues.
  • New construction tool product, the Sawmer, is a painful marketing failure.
  • Factory mix up produces "I can't believe it's not hair" and "Gee your butter smells terrific."

You searched for: combination