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  • After looking at his phone, Blondie asks Dagwood who Brunettie is.
  • An egg gets an Easter tattoo.
  • Chameleon sympathizes with Kermit that it's not easy to be green.
  • Zebra colors himself in as a stress reliever.
  • Social media site asks chameleon if he wants to update his profile pic again with new color.

  • Chameleon criticizes book for covering only 50 shades of grey.
  • Kids can't find any Easter eggs because dog has eaten them all.

  • Woman is annoyed by happy man and his rose-colored galoshes during snowstorm.
  • Woman compliments dog's coloring skills, not his physical appearance.
  • Present can't decide which wrapping paper to wear.
  • Cat is asked to leave when he mistakenly thinks sand-colored carpeting is litter.
  • Mark's family supplies the cartoon ideas for Father's Day.

You searched for: color