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  • Saturn gives Mercury a lower grade than before.
  • Tablet teacher tells students he's there to help raise their brightness.
  • Cats raise their hands in class, but it's just because there's a fly in the room.
  • A professor sneezes, blowing his equations across the blackboard.
  • A teacher's new students throw lots of paper airplanes because they're origami enthusiasts.
  • Cats do good work in school by ignoring the teacher.
  • A nerd in a library is a girl's brain throb.
  • Teacher will grade students' assessments of their own self-given grades.
  • Well Done balloon captures why cow's cooking school graduation was canceled.
  • Cellphone is unhappy that he's in a class full of smartphones.
  • Man wishes he paid attention in physics class when catapulting to woman on other island.

You searched for: college