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  • During snowy winter, tree looks forward to warmth of dog peeing on it.
  • The three bears are the first to have inconsistent results from using microwave over.
  • Snowman wonders why she got stuck talking to the most boring snowman at the party.
  • Woman is annoyed by happy man and his rose-colored galoshes during snowstorm.
  • Therapist is impressed gloves stayed together for the entire season.
  • Groundhog hogs all the coffee in his extra-large cup.
  • After his face melts, Frosty reminds himself not to order sunnyside up eggs anymore.
  • Centipede checks at Lost and Found for his one missing glove.
  • Snowman with longest stick arms volunteers to take selfie of group.
  • Cat selfishly sleeps on head of feverish cat.
  • Snowflake needs to change outdate raindrop profile pic.
  • Earl regrets getting snowroof in car when snow starts coming in.

You searched for: cold