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  • Dog biscuits are actually made by crushing gingerbread men.
  • Elves wonder who took the last slice of pizza.
  • Santa throws Waldo's present into growing pile since he can't find him.
  • Nothing appears under the Christmas tree because all the gifts are digital downloads.
  • Sister asks Santa to get a bigger whatever her brother asked for.
  • Dog cries over bowl present being empty.
  • The Island of Fit Toys spends all their free time exercising.
  • Santa leaves even more presents behind after cat scratches a hole in his pack.
  • Santa curses drones that hit his reindeers while flying.
  • Santa is original binge watcher, watching kids all the time.
  • Santa's fake beard blows onto little girl in line when he sneezes.
  • Fruitcakezilla is indestructible.

You searched for: christmas or santa