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  • A chiropractor's business is looking up because everyone is looking down at their phones.
  • Dog won't fully commit to rolling over, so only his head is upside down.
  • Pez dispenser visits chiropractor as contents are out of alignment.
  • Chiropractor tells Humpty he may hear a crack during treatment.
  • Porcupine with crooked spines looks to chiropractor for spinal adjustment.
  • The chiropractor's garden has flowers that stand up straight.
  • A chiropractor enjoys using the "back" button on his computer.
  • Mrs. Claus tells Santa she is with Frosty because doctor told her to apply cold to shoulders.
  • Planets and sun are aligned by chiropractor.
  • This caveman is a chiropractor for the dinosaurs.
  • Frankenstein sees a chiropractor because his neck isn't on straight.
  • The marching band for the chiropractors carry really large instruments.

You searched for: chiropractor