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  • Everything I needed to know I learned from Peanuts characters.
  • Snoopy gets his name from spying on his friends.
  • Mark's family supplies the cartoon ideas for Father's Day.
  • The Charlie Brown Hazmat Suit is full of holes.
  • An advertisement for a makeover shows Charlie Brown's Christmas tree becoming unrealistically beautiful.
  • Charlie Brown becomes a Goth and wants to be called Charlie Black.
  • Charlie Brown has good grief.
  • The characters from Peanuts run away from a nutcracker.
  • Charlie Brown makes a Kickstarter and Lucy makes a Kickstopper to stop him.
  • A bouncer refuses to let Eeyore, Charlie Brown, and Droopy into Happy Hour.
  • Charlie Brown plays with a virtual kite and gets tied up in computer cord.

You searched for: charlie brown