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  • The Headless Horseman has several Pumpkin Head Mood Options.
  • Man doesn't like having conversations with clown because he turns dialogue into balloon animals.
  • Dinosaur reads how to become a vegetarian after trying to kill triceratops and getting hurt.
  • Woman gets angry not at date's transformation into werewolf, but that he's shedding all over her.

  • Saturn gives Mercury a lower grade than before.

  • Sheep is shocked to find wolf in her closet trying on her clothes.

  • Chameleon sympathizes with Kermit that it's not easy to be green.
  • Toothbrush requests husband puts on a different head.
  • Social media site asks chameleon if he wants to update his profile pic again with new color.

  • Chameleon criticizes book for covering only 50 shades of grey.
  • Caterpillar wonders what's taking date who's turned into a chrysalis so long to change.
  • Snowflake needs to change outdate raindrop profile pic.

You searched for: changing