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  • Man decides shag rug is too deep.
  • Dog has carpet samples in bathroom to wipe with instead of toilet paper.
  • Cat needs to stop into carpeting store to throw up.
  • Cat throws up on easy to clean tile as a present for owner's birthday.
  • Mime cat uses his invisible box to pee in.

  • Witch gets excited when she finds gingerbread floor under carpet in house.

  • Cat is asked to leave when he mistakenly thinks sand-colored carpeting is litter.
  • Cats destroy Rug Godzilla.
  • Two people ignore an elephant in their robot vacuum.
  • A smart vacuum keeps you from vacuuming legos and rings.
  • Cat construction workers add carpeting to sides of cat condos.
  • Cat will pee on rug if given dry food.

You searched for: carpet