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  • Wile E. Coyote fails roadrunner captcha computer security code.
  • Catwoman is captured by following a laser pointer directed into a jail cell.
  • Cat trashes room while attempting to catch a fly.
  • Salmon can purchase tourist photos of themselves swimming upstream.

  • Cat artist cannot capture red laser dot accurately in his paintings.
  • Chess pieces watch a horror movie called Taken.
  • A cat gets its owner something for her birthday, but the gift runs off.
  • A turkey makes duck lips in a selfie.
  • A mad scientist has a jar jar jar with Jar-Jar Binks inside.
  • Artist paints the box that the mime is pretending to be stuck in.
  • A fruit crime scene has fruit trapped in Jello.
  • A bird dies because it thinks a cat's collar bell sounds sweet.

You searched for: capture