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  • Pirate cat asks if captain is sure treasure and not something else is buried in the sand.
  • Pirate questions privacy of wireless phone call with a talking parrot on the pirate's shoulder.
  • Breakfast cereal icon Cap'n Crunch got his name from doing stomach crunches while working out.
  • An airplane has turbulence, but only in one seat.
  • The inside of a candy filled Pinata is set up much like Star Trek's Enterprise.

  • Captain Picard conducts drug screening on the Enterprise.
  • The USS Enterprise escapes from a worm hole in an apple, but flies into a giant's mouth.
  • Kirk can't sleep, so he shoots himself with his phaser on stun.
  • A mosquito air captain warns everyone about turbulence as they approach 10,000 people's feet.
  • People on the Titanic get sex changes so they can be women and leave first.
  • Captain Picard works at an appliance repair shop and tells his workers to make a sewing machine sew.
  • Captain Kirk has retired, answers door to see alien woman and alien child, thinks to himself, "Oh, God, not another paternity suit."

You searched for: captains