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  • Candlestick maker worries butcher and baker are plotting to eat him.
  • A praying mantis eats Crunchy Man Heads while watching TV.
  • A praying mantis' dentist accuses her of not flossing and says he can still see some of her first husband in her teeth.
  • A pirate asks who made the sausage and another pirate with a hook says he had a hand in it.
  • A female praying mantis becomes a zombie and acts just like she did before she turned.
  • Hannibal Lecter enjoys his breakfast too much as a child.
  • Stranded snowmen confess to eating carrot noses to survive.
  • Somehow turkey knows that Tofurky doesn't compare to eating real turkey.
  • Parody of Silence of the Lambs with cannibal butterfly.
  • At New Year's Eve party Mr. Bubble refuses champagne since he'd feel like a cannibal.
  • A man stranded on a desert island dreams that he ate a coconut, but really he ate his friend in his sleep.
  • A pig on trial confesses in court in that he brought home the bacon.

You searched for: cannibal