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  • Cats in record shop talk about the new sound of The Pull Tops.
  • A vampire needs to use a can opener because his teeth won't work correctly.
  • A GPS system to locate a bottle opener.
  • A cat gets its hearing tested.
  • A can opener is used to coax an overdue cat into giving birth.
  • Consumers disregard packaging warnings.
  • People say things to scare a cat's hiccups away.
  • An invention we could really use is a mute button for can openers we can use when opening cans of pet food.
  • Cats research whether cats are more scared of vacuums or more drawn to can openers.
  • Cat hell includes options such as kids with doll clothes, silent can openers, and a room of rocking chairs.
  • A cat reads a horror story called "For Whom the Can Opener Tolls" to his kids.
  • A cat listens to a record of can openers from around the world.

You searched for: can opener