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  • A cat tells a campfire story about how his owner wouldn't refill his bowl.
  • A man thinks that his mosquito net is working, but then realizes it's a spider web.
  • A mashmallow preacher warns his followers that they will burn in S'Mores Hell if they don't repent.
  • Luke Skywalker mistakenly uses lightsaber under his chin while telling ghost stories.
  • Harley Davidson motorcycle gang reads Harry Potter by bonfire for the motorcycle parts.
  • A bear has a search warrant to enter a camping tent.
  • A boy camps next to his computer, waiting for tickets to go on sale.
  • A man with a steel trap for a brain tries charging at a bear.
  • A campfire story about a Gameboy's batteries dying.
  • A bear climbs a mountain, but can only see the other side.
  • A man's bike measures lots of factors, from speed to his odds of ever fathering a child.
  • A bear from a circus steals food from campers, impressing his peers.

You searched for: camping