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  • Cat says only been a little tired lately so other cat with smartphone calls 911 for an ambulance.
  • Potatohead doesn't realize teacher is calling on him because prankster switched his ear for a raised arm.

  • Flower calls to have hole in pot fixed, but repairman can't find the pothole.
  • A mom who works for the NSA helps her daughter find Waldo in her Where's Waldo book.
  • A toucan tells her boyfriend that they should talk.
  • An alien calls another alien with a hand that comes out of its butt.
  • Nickname of Widdle Bitty Kitty Widdy doesn't fit unusually large cat.
  • After dropping Keebler elf, bear calls five second rule so he can still eat him.
  • Bee's own vibrations offset the vibrations from cellphone so it remains still.
  • Butt dialing evolves until the butt actually answers the call as well.

You searched for: calling