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  • A woman kicks her husband's butt and blames it on restless leg syndrome.
  • Group is a disappointed when their friend's superglue story is a letdown.
  • A bottle of ketchup brings its owner to the psychiatrist to stop him from smacking his bottom.
  • Man barbecue grills shark steaks that are obviously fresh since he has a shark bite on his butt.
  • A copy machine with glass shaped perfectly for wild office parties.
  • The Grim Reaper's wife tries on a new cloak, and wants to know if it makes her tailbone look big.
  • A man scans his butt to send to his doctor.
  • A man notices a bookstore's huge rear section because he sees the stockwoman's large butt.
  • Wonder Woman uses her magic truth lasso to get her husband to tell her whether her dress makes her look fat.
  • A geriatric patient makes note to call dentist about missing dentures and doctor about pain in butt.
  • Fairy tale Jack goes to the hospital with multiple injuries.
  • A woman looks for buns of steel at the beach by scanning people's butts with a metal detector.

You searched for: buttocks