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  • Santa mistakenly gets arrested for being a scary creepy clown.

  • A bank teller gives a robber money bags with the wrong symbols.
  • A burglar is going to get caught because he feels bad about dislodging his victims' cat from his lap.
  • A cop arrests a man in a robber costume and the robber complains that he's being profiled.
  • A man grabs a baseball bat to protect his home from a baseball robber.
  • Easter Bunny's green eggs are stolen by Sam to have green eggs and ham.
  • Small dog downloads large dog barks to scare away a thief breaking in.
  • Goldilocks gets idea from Mama Bear's Facebook status.
  • Aging Batman rides motorized Bat Rascal scooter to chase thief.
  • Paul steals people's beach belongings while they watch advertisement for his pawn shop.
  • Lawyer holds hammer as evidence while questioning piggy bank at robbery trial.
  • A dog pretends to scare a burglar.

You searched for: burglars