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  • Bumble Beast polluted tuna parodies Bumble Bee tuna.
  • Bumble Beep canned roadrunner parodies Bumble Bee tuna.
  • A female bee is bored at a party when a drone keeps talking at her.
  • This war room is full of different types of bees.
  • A bee always gets a buzz cut at the barber.
  • A flower gets a fertility treatment using a fake bee.
  • Worker bees photocopy their stingers at office parties.
  • A bee sermon called "Recognizing the Face of Evil" is about Winnie the Pooh.
  • A bee decides a man isn't worth dying over, so he head-butts his eye instead.
  • A tree's date gets awkward when he breaks out in bee hives.
  • A bee says he'll call off his strategically placed operatives from a man's pants if the man puts away the bug spray.
  • Bees sting the inside of a man's mouth when he eats Bumblebee Tuna.

You searched for: bumble bee