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  • Student has best idea the first time.
  • After unproductive day of brainstorming, coworkers head to bar to excessively drink to bladderstorm.

  • Jack falls down the hill and becomes a patient on the TV show "House MD."
  • Mark's family comes up with cartoon ideas for Father's Day.
  • A spider gets its own food by having an idea and attracting moths.
  • Mr. Sorrentino couldn't think outside the box, cause he never took his light bulb out of it.
  • A cat does his best thinking inside the box'the litter box.
  • The cartoonist lets his family come up with ideas for the Fathers' Day cartoon.
  • Employees at a meeting to improve productivity, one employee suggests skipping these kind of meetings and instead start doing some work.

You searched for: brainstorming