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  • Man watching TV wonders who came up with tiny house trend but smug cat in box knows it was him.
  • Salesman cat offers a fat cat a bigger size box but he doesn’t want one.
  • Excited cats discover all the boxes under the Christmas tree are empty.
  • Cat owner sees a cat carrier, cat sees a monster's mouth.
  • Angel discovers halos above head are actually spy drones.
  • Cat gets an Edible Arrangement gift delivery of a box of mice.
  • At funeral, cat must resist the urge to jump into the coffin.
  • Lorenzo the mime was excited to receive many invisible boxes at Christmas.
  • Gift reads about embarrassing celebrity gift wrap malfunctions.
  • Mime cat uses his invisible box to pee in.

  • Dog wears thunder shirt to calm storm anxiety while man wears election shirt to calm election anxiety.

  • Hank Ferguson the builder constructs a fence around fencing opponent.

You searched for: boxes