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  • Sneezy sneezes and ruins buffet line food for other seven dwarfs.
  • First rainbow sprinkles come from a unicorn's sneeze.
  • Turkey sneezes snood off across to another turkey.
  • A rose can't wait until it is no longer being smelled.
  • Failed Post cereals include "Post Mortem" and "Post Terior."
  • An elephant gets one of his legs turned into a peg so he can pick his trunk.
  • A tissue tells other tissues to prepare to be used.
  • A girl who tattles on her brother is the original automatic teller.
  • Aliens learn what traffic signal lights mean on Earth - green for proceed and red for stop and put your finger in your nose.

  • Wife sneezes twice, so one man tells friend that she sneezes in pairs, while friend worries about the pears in the fruit bowl.

You searched for: booger