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  • A ghost tries to text 'Boo' but texts 'Boob' instead.
  • An alien stares at a girl alien's antennae instead of her face.
  • Scallops are jealous of seashells whose job is being mermaid's bra.
  • Plastic surgeon accused of texting because woman now has 3 breasts.
  • Graduates of exotic dancing school mistakenly put cap tassels on body parts.
  • Michelle's breasts ring at movie because plastic surgeon left his cell phone there.
  • An elderly M&M's m-shaped breasts become w's because they're saggy.
  • A plastic surgeon raises suspicion of jury tampering because of the large number of breast enlargements.
  • One female teddy bear gets stuffing implants, while two others look on in disgust.
  • A toad looks at Play Toad magazine while his wife comments that those aren't the pinup girl's real warts.
  • Minnie Mouse's ears are so big that two normal mice think she has implants.

You searched for: boobs