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  • Woman covered by mess of spiderweb says gesundheit to Spiderman.
  • Vet says gesundheit to dog who’s Elizabethan collar has been sneezed inside out.
  • Bird sneezes covering another bird with bird seed.
  • Frankenstein sneezes off bolts into igor and creator's eyes.
  • A piñata's sneeze blows open a hole in piñata across from him.

  • Santa's fake beard blows onto little girl in line when he sneezes.
  • A wall sneezes and Humpty Dumpty falls off of it.
  • Out of ideas, John Quinones asks people why they didn't bless stranger after sneezing.
  • Woman's sneeze causes laptop screen to snap back.
  • Turkey sneezes snood off across to another turkey.
  • Tinman sneezes causing brain to dislodge.
  • Fish says "Gesundheit" to another fish with a hook and worm coming out of the fish's nostril.

You searched for: bless you