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  • The grass on the other side of the fence is taking out its recycling because it's greener.
  • Wind turbines break because they're too close together.
  • Surgeon is still using old operating system with large blade and without anesthesia on patients.
  • Face stud razors leave space so that shaver can avoid face piercing.
  • Razors with multiple blades begin to reproduce naturally.
  • Ice skates practice drawing figure eights by looking at eight model.
  • Guilt-free mower runs on solar while guilt-ridden mower runs on grass screams.
  • A man is bewildered as razor of the future has more blades than he can count.
  • What other products would look like if they were designed by razor companies.
  • A piece of grass gets bitten by a horse, but it'll be okay because it was only grazed.
  • A woman's hairless cat turns out to be a regular cat that shaves itself.

You searched for: blades